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Rose Retirement was founded to help others build a lasting legacy today that will impact their family for generations to come.

The inspiration behind our name came from John’s daughter, Lindee Rose.

Lindee is a bright young girl who loves her family, is very outgoing, and participates in local and state cheer events regularly. You may even meet her at one of Rose Retirement’s many educational workshops and community events. As a father and husband, John understands the importance of working hard to provide for his family now and working hard to make sure a well-thought-out plan is in place that will provide for his family in the future.

In the same way, John knows that helping others build a plan that protects and provides for their family is just as important. As a result, he has worked diligently to establish his practice in the heart of his community and serve them diligently as a trusted financial professional and financial educator who brings clarity to the complex topics surrounding retirement.

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We strive to provide you with a quality experience by holding ourselves to a higher standard by putting our clients’ needs above our own. We do our best to provide financial information based on accurate and complete information.

John Merkel’s story

Founder, CEO 

John Merkel is a seasoned and skilled professional with more than 25 years of experience. He has helped thousands of individuals and families in Texas and Colorado to find solutions to the problems of today’s baby boomer generation.

With a background in retirement strategies, John now focuses on working with retirees, connecting each client with the right financial tools so they can enjoy retirement.

John believes his clients deserve to work with a dedicated financial professional with the highest integrity, honesty, and ethics. He provides financial strategies for families and individuals. Working with and educating retirees or those about to retire, he focuses on effective income distribution and individualized retirement strategies. Additionally, John serves on the council for UT at Tyler.

The most important thing to him, though, is family. They love spending time together and making memories as a family.

Rose Retirement is named after John’s daughter, Lindee Rose. John believes it’s important not only to educate others on preparing for retirement but also to take steps today that will leave a lasting legacy for his own family.

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